Friday, October 18, 2019

rpminspect-0.8 released (and a new rpminspect-data-fedora)

Work on the test suite continues with rpminspect and it is finding a lot of corner-case type runtime scenarios.  Fixing those up in the code is nice.  I welcome contributions to the test suite.  You can look at the tests/test_*.py files to see what I'm doing and then work through one inspection and do the different types of checks.  Look in the lib/inspect_NAME.c file and for all of the add_result() calls to figure out what tests should exist in the test suite.  If this is confusing, feel free to reach out via email or another means and I can provide you with a list for an inspection.

Changes in rpminspect-0.8:

  • Integration test suite continues to grow and fix problems.

  • The javabytecode inspection will report the JAR relative path as well as the path to the embedded class file when a problem is found. (#56)

  • libmandoc 1.14.5 API support. rpminspect will continue to work with 1.14.4 and previous releases and will detect which one to use at build time. The mandoc API changed completely between the 1.14.4 and 1.14.5 release. This is not entirely their fault as we are using it built as a shared library and the upstream project does not officially do that.

  • rpminspect now exits with code 2 when there is a program error. Exit code 0 means inspections passed and exit code 1 means there was at least one inspection failure. (#57)

  • If there is a Python json module exception raised in the test suite, print the inspection name, captured stdout, and captured stderr. This is meant to help debug the integration test suite.

  • Fix the Icon file check in the desktop inspection. Look at all possible icon path trees (set in rpminspect.conf). Also honor the extensionless syntax in the desktop file.

  • Fix the Exec file check in the desktop inspection so it honors arguments specified after the program name.

  • Fix a SIGSEGV when the before and/or after arguments on the command line contain ".." in the pathspec.

  • [MAJOR] Fix fundamental problems with the peer detection code. The integration test suite caught this and was leading to false results.

  • Add the IPv6 function blacklist check. The configuration file can carry a list of forbidden IPv6 functions and raise a failure if it finds any of those used.

Changes in rpminspect-data-fedora-0.6:
  • Change bytecode version to be JDK 8
  • Add desktop_icon_paths to rpminspect.conf

Many thanks to the contributors, reporters, and testers.  I am continuing on with the test suite work and new inspections.  Keep the reports coming in.

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