Tuesday, October 8, 2019

rpminspect-0.7 released, bug fixes and a new integration test suite

rpminspect-0.7 has been released.  The main things in this release are a new integration test suite and many bug fixes.  There is one new user feature and that's the -t or --threshold option.

The -t option lets you control the result code that triggers a non-zero exit code from rpminspect.  By default, this is set to VERIFY.  But you could set it to BAD or INFO or any other valid result code in the program.  The result code specified by this option means that any result in rpminspect at that code or higher will trigger a non-zero return code.  Combined with the -T option, this can be a useful tool for some types of CI system integration.

As always, thank you for the bug reports and pull requests!  The next release will likely take the same amount of time and will continue to focus on stabilization with the test suite.

This release is available in my Copr rpminspect repo as well as for rawhide and F31.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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