Monday, August 19, 2019

rpminspect Presentation at Flock 2019

Flock in Budapest was a great event.  There were a lot of talks I wanted to attend, but could not make it to all of them.  I did give one talk on my project called rpminspect.

rpminspect is a project I started as a replacement for an internal Red Hat tool.  I am working on integrating it in to the build workflow for Fedora but also allow package maintainers to use it locally as a build linter of sorts.  Here is a link to the presentation I gave.  I think there is video, but I am not sure where those are.

You can find rpminspect on my github page, but I am moving it and related repos over to the rpminspect organization in github.

Feedback was great for rpminspect and while there I fixed a number of bugs.  I have automatic builds in Copr right now and I am also building released versions in rawhide.

I will do a number of other posts on rpminspect after this one, but I wanted to get this posted for two reasons.  First, to link to the rpminspect organization and presentation.  And second, to test my Fedora Planet connectivity.

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