Thursday, October 4, 2018

Finding the IP Address of a VM

Virtual machines are a way of life for developers and often times we have many running at the same time on the same host.  We communicate with them over TCP/IP and have to juggle RFC1918 addresses.  It's easy to lose track of the host's IP address if you are creating and destroying VMs frequently.

I recently found myself ssh'ing in my workstation and then needing to log in to a virtual machine.  I did not remember the IP address.  Using virsh, I was able to find it quickly:

$ sudo virsh list
  Id    Name                           State
 1     rhel7.5                        running

$ sudo virsh domifaddr rhel7.5
 Name       MAC address          Protocol     Address
 vnet0      52:54:00:0a:87:3e    ipv4

In this example I just have the one virtual machine, but it's pretty simple to see.  I do not often use virsh, but in this case it was helpful.

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