Friday, October 6, 2017

Hold On Let Me Start the Recording

"Hold on, let me just start the recording...ok, you're good."

During meetings and conference calls, I find it common for large meetings to have someone insist on recording the call.  Or in the case of video conferencing, recording the session as a movie.  But why?

I assume the thought process is that those who can't make the meeting will listen to or watch the recording later.  I can say with 100% certainty that I have never done that.  Has anyone?  If you didn't have time for a 1 hour meeting, what makes anyone think that I will somehow have a separate hour somewhere to listen to the recording?

If the recordings are being kept for logging purposes...ugh, there are better ways.  How much of the call will be people asking if they can be heard, for others to go on mute, and nonsense chatter while waiting for the moderator to join?  ALL CALLS!  The recording is unedited, so the later listener fortunately has an opportunity to relive this hour of unproductivity.

Stop recording calls.  If you're trying to catch people up later, write up minutes.  It's far more effective.  If you're recording it because someone is giving a demo or presentation, have them make an edited webinar recording elsewhere and pass that around.

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