Monday, July 17, 2017

Informed Delivery

I know the idea of receiving email from the post office is probably not high on your list of things you'd like to get working, but I came across Informed Delivery yesterday and the idea looks interesting.

In the United States, the Postal Service is the sole authorized agency responsible for and required to provide uniform postal service to all citizens regardless of geography and at a uniform price.  Your opinions of whether or not this is a reasonable agency to have or how the US Postal Service is run are of no interest to me.  I have opinions to that you likely don't care about.  One thing we can probably agree on is that the Postal Service has to compete with technological advancements while still meeting their legal obligations and that can be very difficult.

Things that didn't exist when the Postal Service was created:  UPS, FedEx, DHL, email, or telephones.  The Postal Service has to compete with all of these and still provide what are effectively baseline services that many people take for granted.

So enough of that, what is Informed Delivery?  I don't know, but I signed up.  As explained, it seems to be a system where you can get emails (opt-in) indicating what mail is headed your way.  Expecting something important?  They could, in theory, scan it and notify you on the sending end and you'll know it's en route.  The possibilities for this service seem interesting, but I'll remain somewhat cautious as to what they will implement.  What would be nice is if I could go to a web page and uncheck the things I don't want delivered, say, on a weekly basis.  Reduce what the letter carriers have to move around and let me filter my physical mail somehow.  We'll see.

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