Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Datsun, Really?

Been trying a few different commute options lately because the road work for the MA-2/MA-2A "Crosby's Corner" project has been causing the road to change between the morning and evening.  Seems like the risk for an accident is a little higher right now, plus it gets all clogged up as construction equipment and stupid people try to push their way through the mess.

Years ago I used to commute north via I-93 out of Somerville then all the way up to I-495 and then south to Westford.  Westford is inconvenient to all desirable places people want to live, which is an accomplishment for a town.  Now living in Medford, I've decided to give that route a try again.  The evening commute is much improved and I attribute the entirety of that to being able to completely avoid Arlington.  The morning commute is still a little jammed up because the Market Basket trucks and merges for Boston-bound traffic (see, we have these highway interchanges that cause all directions of travel to feed through the same choke point....yay?).

Yesterday as the car made its way north on I-93, I heard a car approaching.  I could tell it was moving faster than traffic speed and it had a distinct sound to it.  Then it passed me on the left before then merging all the way over to the right to take the next exit.

It was a Datsun 280ZX.

This car in particular is baffling to me.  I have seen them my entire life in this same manner.  Every now and then one zooms past you on the road.  It was sold in the United States between 1979 and 1983.  The oldest ones are my age.

Yet these things are still going!  And the one I saw yesterday looked well maintained.  You would not expect it to be that age except the body styling clearly gives it away.

By this point they have to have really high odometer readings.  And I'm not sure if these cars had 5 or 6 digit odometers.

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