Thursday, October 17, 2013

Moved to Amazon Web Services

I decided that I was going to stop posting here and maybe I will again in the future, but it's still here and maybe I'll start using it again.

After a year on DreamHost, I have moved the infrastructure to Amazon Web Services.  This returns more control to me as DreamHost ran these sort of strange shared hosts and mandated use of some clumsy web management tools.  On AWS, I can just install Apache and edit httpd.conf.  It's nice to have that ability again.

But this blog is actually hosted by Google, but maybe I'll move that back over to my control as well.  I dunno.

It's likely I will start posting pictures and stories of our upcoming offspring.  Around about the time I stopped posting on this site, we learned Karen was pregnant.  The baby is due November 7th, so real soon now.

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