Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving is approaching and Karen and I will be visiting my parents and my sister and her husband this year. Our original plan was to drive because we are so very tired of flying. But I had some major knee mishaps this week and am now taking meds and walking with a cane so that's sort of not the best idea. Still, we don't want to fly so we ended up buying tickets for the train.

We will be taking the Northeast Regional to New York and then boarding the Crescent for the rest of the trip. This is the first long trip that both of us will be doing by train.

Getting information about what it's like to ride Amtrak has been both easy and difficult. The Amtrak web site is reasonable, but if you want actual passenger accounts you need to search around. I came across a video on YouTube of someone just walking through the train showing you what it's like to travel by train if you are most familiar with air travel. That was nice, but don't expect a lot of videos like that on YouTube. The vast majority of Amtrak videos on YouTube are by railfans, which are completely useless to people wanting information about what it's like to travel by train.

A short 21 hours later and we'll be at our destination. I imagine I'll have more or a followup posts and some pictures.

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