Friday, November 9, 2012

New Eyeglasses

In order to try to keep myself in the habit of making regular posts again, I'm even going to include the boring stuff.

So it's been a little over two years since my last eye exam and I was noticing that I've been squinting a lot. Having been an eyeglass wearer since I was in the 2nd grade, that usually means it's time to have a new eye exam.

And since my last exam was in Honolulu, it was time to find a new doctor of optometry.  Google points me to Brattle Square Optical. Sounds reasonable, so I make an appointment.

My appointment was on election day. After voting, I headed to Harvard Square to find this place. I realize it's the eye place I walk past whenever I'm headed in to Harvard Square. Just never remembered the name.

The first thing is the usual paperwork for a new patient. They start by having me look at new frames. They even help me. I really like this because I hate picking out frames. Also, the fact that they are having me do this before the eye exam makes so much sense. I've asked to do that at LensCrafters before and they really don't want to change their order of operations.

Frames selected, next up is the insurance check. No problems whatsoever. Again, my experience with LensCrafters in the past was met with all kinds of problems trying to use a VSP plan. Not at this place. They are finishing setting up the order and I go in for the eye exam.

I meet the doctor and he is very friendly and asks about my vision history and other sorts of stuff. We do the usual "number 1 or number 2" stuff and the eye chart, but I notice he does more during the exam. He also does a peripheral vision test to finish things out. The whole time he's explaining what's going on and making you feel comfortable.

The end result was a prescription and new glasses ordered. They arrive next Friday. Looking forward to frames that fit my head.

Brattle Square Optical: Recommended

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Rima Tipton said...

Now I know why I squint a lot. Can you give more advice on what I can do with this eye condition?

-Rima Tipton