Monday, November 12, 2012

I-278 & I-287 Next To Each Other. Perfect!

Karen and I went to Manhattan over the weekend to visit Chris & Ryoko (Karen's brother and his wife) and their new little one. Our options to get there from Boston are numerous and while we like taking the train (awesome) or bus (slightly less awesome), we decided to drive.

The drivers on the Mass Pike and almost all the way through Connecticut were nuts on Saturday. We couldn't completely remember what to do after CT-15, so we just kept going in the general direction of southwest which we assumed would put us somewhere in the city.

BTW, the jack ass who decided it would be a good idea to put Interstates 287 and 278 next to each other, F you. Would it have been so hard to pick something other than '2' for the leading number on one of those bypass roads.

For future reference, Mass Pike west, I-84 towards Hartford, get on CT-15 as soon as possible (Berlin Turnpike if possible), take that until you get to the land of I-95, follow that until you see signs for I-278. Follow 278 in to the city and follow signs leading you to the Triborough RFK Bridge. Pay $6.50 to cross the bridge, take the FDR South, turn right at appropriate street. Done. Return trip directions courtesy of Haynes automotive manuals.

Parking for the weekend was $101. Taking Acela next time.


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