Sunday, January 8, 2012

FUDCon Blacksburg - Amateur Radio Frequencies

FUDCon Blacksburg is approaching. There will be a number of amateur radio operators there, so I thought I'd try to coordinate some simplex frequencies we can all use at the event. I'll be on the following:

223.500 MHz - the 1.25m band national calling frequency
927.500 MHz - a 33cm band simplex frequency
146.520 MHz - the 2m band national calling frequency

The only 220 repeater I could find in the area is currently offline. I could not find any 900 MHz repeaters in Virginia. I've been told 146.985 in Roanoke is a reasonable 2m repeater to use, though it gets crowded. If anyone has any suggestions, please comment.

In the extremely unlikely event that someone else shows up with 220 or 900 gear, I'll have those two bands linked at the event. That way users of those bands will get a double dose of silence.

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Phil said...

146.715- is the Virginia Tech ARC repeater. They also have a station in Squires Student center.