Monday, October 24, 2011

Visit to Atlanta

I was recently in metro Atlanta for several days. My sister was getting married and I helped out with different things. It was great to see everyone.

Karen and I were exhausted by Sunday. She left earlier than I because we bought tickets at different times. I had time to burn, so I met up with Logan in Atlanta and we got some food and hung out for a while. I wanted to go to El Torero, the restaurant we started going to every Friday night at Georgia Tech. We started doing that in 1997 and there is a group continuing to go these days. It has been years since I'd been.

Unfortunately, El Torero is closed on Sundays. Something I forgot. They Chick-Fil-A'ed us, so to speak. Fortunately there are plenty of similar Mexican restaurants around Atlanta, so we found the next nearest one that was open and went. Los Toros in Decatur.

Out of pure coincidence, our waiter at Los Toros was Luis from El Torero. Luis had been our regular waiter starting in 1997 and then after many years he left and we got a new regular waiter. Luis immediately recognized us and asked what was up. He told us he'd moved away from Atlanta and then came back and El Torero didn't have openings so he found one at Los Toros. Here's a picture of me and Luis:

Upon seeing Luis, I immediately fell back in to my usual order from the old days: sweet tea and a combination #4. Luis' response, "always the number 4, eh?" Damn right.

Logan found the situation entirely hilarious and noted that I seem to be a magnet for odd coincidences. Maybe so, but it sure is entertaining.

Logan also shuttled me to the nearest convenient parallel dimension...err, Apple buy an iPad 2. Yes, I have an iPad 2 now. It's fun on planes, what can I say?