Monday, July 25, 2011

Want Wireless Broadband Service At Home?

Broadband, 3G, 4G, WiMax....too many terms and acronyms. What do they mean and what's actually available in my area?

In the ever-expanding wireless Internet industry, 3G quickly became outdated, and 4G service is now the best available option. For some, this is frustrating, because as soon as they purchased coverage with a 3G network, something better came out. However, it is a simple reality that wireless Internet connectivity is how most of us will connect to the Internet in the future, as more and more areas, and more and more devices, become covered. That said, many people wonder which company to sign with when upgrading to 4G; people want to be careful to choose a company that they can rely upon and grow with in the future of wireless Internet expansion.

There are two leading competitors in the United States 4G industry: Verizon’s LTE service, and a similar service called WiMax offered by companies like Clear Wireless and Sprint. While both services bring you the fastest available wireless Internet over a broad range of areas, there are a few differences between them when it comes to coverage packages and pricing options. When you compare Clear Internet WiMax 4G and Verizon LTE 4G, here are a few of the key differences that you may want to focus on:
  • Typically, Verizon’s LTE service is slightly more expensive; however, this is in part because with LTE service you can purchase a package based essentially on how much use you will need out of your wireless connection. The different packages all have different monthly prices. By contrast, Clear’s WiMax service generally has a simple base package price that is generally slightly cheaper than most Verizon LTE packages.
  • Many people feel the need to use a 3G/4G combination of services, which enables your devices to switch automatically between the two wireless networks depending on availability. Verizon LTE service includes this feature automatically, in most cases. However, with Clear WiMax you will need to pay a small extra fee in order to receive this type of combination package, which can greatly improve the convenience of your Internet experiences.
Ultimately, the two wireless services are quite similar, and, again, both will bring you reliable high speed Internet over a range of different locations. However, the above listed points illustrate some of the most notable differences between the two services, and can be helpful when comparing the two to see which network best suits you. There are plenty of detailed comparisons with specific pricing information available online, and on both companies’ websites. Be sure to do adequate research before signing a contract with one or the other, as your wireless provider will have a lot to do with your Internet usage for the duration of the time that you are with them.


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Business Communication said...

It’s been said countless times by folk other than me, but I’m going to
weigh in my penny’s worth anyway: when can we people who don’t live in
cities have decent broadband speeds, please? Out here in the sticks, the best we can hope for from *any *mobile device is EDGE, the snail-slow Business ADSL

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