Saturday, July 2, 2011

Odds and Ends

I have a good habit of making work for myself at home. It's probably aligned with just having moved, but for every 3 things I cross off my to do list, I add 3 more. And it's all stupid stuff. Change these light bulbs, install a paper towel holder, install an air conditioner. These are extremely simple tasks that start with a trip to some store, then going home and choosing which task to complete, then realizing that you bought either the wrong stuff or not enough stuff. Happened to me today. Ah well.

Wanting to complete _something_ today, I went to the 24 hour CVS and sought out what I needed. I was able to hang some things on walls and install that damn paper towel holder. Air will have to wait for another day.

OK, time to see what terrestrial broadcasts are on TV. I've had enough chores for today.

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