Sunday, May 29, 2011

Moving is Almost Complete

We have the keys to our new place and move in on Wednesday. It feels like it's been a while since we actually completed the drive. We were not able to move in to our new place until June 1.

Our new place is in Cambridge, MA. It's in the area we wanted and near other areas we wanted to be close to. My commute to the office will be 20 to 25 miles. I wish I could make use of the office shuttle, but it does not get to the office early enough for me. It also leaves a bit too early for me. Ah, the life of management I suppose.

On Friday my car decided to start acting up, so I had it taken in to the nearest VW dealer to where we are currently staying. An $88 tow, $100 diagnostic fee, and they will call me on Tuesday or Wednesday to let me know the other damage. I'm hoping it's routine stuff. We did just complete a 4100 mile drive with it. Prior to that, the car was living on the beach sipping mai tais and enjoying 2000 mile years. Time for it to work again.

Today Karen and I picked out a TV for the living room. We looked at TVs at Best Buy and then headed across the street to a Starbucks where I pulled out the laptop to order the same TV from Amazon. Price of TV in store: $649.99. Price of same TV on $649.99. Oh well, at least Amazon delivers it to your house.

I forgot to order an antenna, so we headed back over to Best Buy to pick that up rather than order it. Price of antenna in store: $67.99. Price of same antenna on $23.99. OK, so *that* we'll order.

The other exciting part about Wednesday is we get to clear out the storage unit that we filled up before moving to Hawaii. I pick up a rental truck Wednesday morning and then the archaeological dig begins.

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