Monday, April 11, 2011

We're In The Final Week

Everything has been shipped, donated, or thrown out at this point. We are down to cleaning our condo before we turn in the keys. We are now in the guest bedroom at Karen's mom's place until we move on Saturday.

I have verified with Matson when I can drop off the car and what documents I need to show them. I need to make some photocopies of things and fax something (fax?), but other than that, everything seems in order.

First stop is Seattle, where we will be for about 2 weeks. Hope it's not too rainy. While in Seattle, I'd like to get some coffee, see the Museum of Flight (or at least just the Concorde and Air Force One), and ride the freaking monorail because monorails are awesome. The odds of being able to do any of these things are slim since I'm working the entire time there.

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