Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Day In Hawaii

We made it through our final week. Cleaning the condo, getting the carpet shampooed (required by our lease), shipping the car, making final trips to donate household goods and clothes we don't want to ship, selling off all remaining furniture, and turning in the keys. There was a lot of stuff to do even on the final week.

I am happy to report that after 195 scheduled 3 AM work days across 67 consecutive weeks, I am done. Starting on Monday, I will be working in the much more desirable Pacific time zone. I can tolerate 6 AM for a week and a half before we get on the road to Boston. Protip: If you are ever offered a job that stipulates working on a time zone you are not currently living in, don't take it. It's a trap.

I've got to pack up my suitcase today and make sure gadgets are charged for our flight. On the other hand, I might just skip all that and just read and sleep.

Next post is from Seattle.

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