Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moving Begins

It's sort of been in progress for a while, at least planning. But I feel like Karen and I have actually started the process of moving back to the mainland. I'll miss Hawaii and I know Karen will, but we really need to be back on the mainland. Hawaii will become a periodically visited former home for us.

Our target move date for leaving the island is April 16. There are a lot of variables at play, which is why I call it the target date. So what are we doing now?

We have been packing, shipping, and getting rid of many things. Pretty much all of my stuff from the office except what I use for my job on a daily basis is now back in New England. I make a few trips to FedEx and USPS each week to drop off something. Karen has been doing a great job going through our household things figuring out what we can donate, what we want to keep, and what is really just destined for the trash.

One room at a time, it'll get done. It occurred to me the other day that I'm about to send in our last full rent check. It's sort of strange. Honolulu is now the place I've lived the longest post-university. Not just the city, but even the apartment.

We are getting excited about returning to New England. Seasons, sports on TV at night, Amazon Prime, CSA, road trips, skiing, rail, larger cider selection for Karen, Vermont and New York cheeses, Sound Bites in Ball Square, non 5 or 6 hour difference to call friends and family, Trader Joe's, and massive tax savings by moving to MASSACHUSETTS!

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