Saturday, January 15, 2011

Taking Care of Some Minor Fedora Work

It's a nice Saturday afternoon and while I take a break from packing up things in my office, I decided to work through a number of Fedora bugs I've had open for a while. I reassigned some anaconda networking bugs to Radek Vykydal, as he is our new go-to guy for anaconda networking code now. I tested a few other bugs to see if they've been cleaned up with other recent changes and closed those that were.

For packages, I worked on a couple wicd bugs. One that took me a while was #661226, which provided a systemd service file and links to instructions on how to change the package over to systemd. I think I've done this correctly, but as I state in the bug, I've asked the original reporter to test things out.

I upgraded the calendar package to the version that shipped with OpenBSD 4.8. No code changes, just corrections to included calendar data files.

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