Monday, July 26, 2010

Meta Blog

Have not posted here in a while. I like keeping my blog around because I periodically come up with something I want to write about and it does not fit in the Twitter 140 character limit. But, I have nothing to post right now, so how about a collection of updates.

Karen and I went to Turtle Bay Resort this past weekend. Originally planning on having a beach cottage, the hotel upgraded us to the Ali'i Presidential Suite. It was more than twice the size of our condo. It was really nice, but I hope it didn't spoil me on conventional hotel rooms. Pictures of the room are here. We tried to guess who would stay in this room normally. The room entrance is not clearly marked, probably to keep the typical guest of this room from being bothered. The room covers an entire end of one of the 6th floor hotel spokes (3 spokes to Turtle Bay Resort, check out aerial photos via Google). The entrance is a double door, but it's past the regular rooms and it appears to be a service door, so you might think it's where the service elevator is or maybe an area for housekeeping. Nope, it was our gigantic room. One of my favorite parts of the room was the card from the VP and General Manager of Turtle Bay Resort including his office and cell number and email address, indicating we should contact him if we have any issues. They are serious about the high rollers.

You know the card on the back of hotel room doors that lists state hotel laws and the rack rates for the room you're in? The card for our room did not indicate a rate, but rather a rate range of $800 to $3300 per night. Ha!

Karen and I are nearing the end of what has seemed to be infinite wedding planning. We wanted something simple and while it's still simple, there are so many questions people have. Questions that sometimes we don't care about, but people still want an answer to. Karen is having to help me remain sane and I'm having to do the same for her. We have a rule where we only focus on one task per day, otherwise it's entirely too overwhelming.

In other news, I am awaiting the title to my car. Yes, it has finally been 72 months. That's right, I financed it that long. What? You think I'm insane? Yeah, maybe. But the point is it's over. I purchased the car shortly after graduation and took the new graduate financing option where you didn't need any cash down and could purchase the car rather than lease for 3 years and have a 100 mile limit on the car. 72 months is an insane amount of time to pay off a loan. Since I purchased the vehicle, I have put about 68000 miles on it and lived in 4 different states. The car has driven through 15 states and DC. The car has also been on both Oahu and Maui. In short, it's definitely done a good job of getting me around and not being a burden. Once the title arrives, I have to go and get a Hawaii title. Yes, the car is still titled in New Hampshire.

Well, that's it for now. It's been a very busy summer so far. Before we know it, we'll be packing things up to move back to Boston.

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