Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tsunami Updates part last

The tsunami watch has been cancelled by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. The emergency net on 146.88 has closed and everything else is starting to close up. Honolulu DEM has not given the all clear, but I think we are moments away from that.

No big wave.

Tsunami Updates part 4

11:04 AM came and went, as did 11:19 AM. At which point the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center told everyone that those times were sort of a guess and really it could come at any time.

Right now all that people have seen is an increase in water levels and when the water goes out, it's more than usual.

Everything is still closed, roads are still closed, and we're still in hurry up and wait mode.

Tsunami Updates part 3

The 10:30 AM civil defense siren just went off. Since the last siren went off, we've had Honolulu police and fire patrolling all of the streets here in Waikiki on loudspeakers telling people to get to the 3rd floor or higher. The emergency vehicle sirens have not stopped.

What else has not stopped is the little beach house across the street from us. They've got music blasting and are just having a party.

Waves will reach Hilo around 11:05 AM, they are still saying 11:19 AM for Oahu. Nothing much to do now except wait.

Tsunami Updates part 2

The statewide civil defense sirens went off at 9am as per the tsunami emergency plan. Since the last post, we've learned the following:
  • Tsunami reached French Polynesia. Waves at 6 feet and no damage reported. More waves expected.
  • Tonga, Tahiti, and the Cook Islands instituted emergency evacuation plans.
  • The wave size predictions have decreased but the length of activity expected is still the same.
  • The estimated first wave arrival time in Hawaii is now 11:05 AM HST.
Hilo will receive the first waves and most of the Hawaii news attention is there, as well it should be. On Oahu, stores have been closed or have been forced to close due to being overwhelmed with panicked shoppers. There is only one Costco open on Oahu at the moment, both the Hawaii Kai and Iwilei locations closed for the day.

Hawaiian Airlines is not changing or cancelling any flights except ones in to Hilo because the Hilo airport is closed right now. Honolulu International Airport is still open.

A reminder to Hawaii residents: FOLLOW EVACUATION PROCEDURES! The department of emergency management for your county as well as statewide civil defense makes decisions on what areas needs to evacuate and when. If everyone evacuates at once, all of the roads will be jammed.

Information on local evacuation procedures is in the front of the phone book (includes contact numbers, maps, and other important information).

We are now about 1.5 hours away. More updates to follow, assuming we keep power.

Tsunami Update

To all of our friends who have emailed, called, or sent a text message... we are ok and are preparing. We know it's national news at this point, but here's an update from how things look in Hawaii:
  • We are currently preparing ourselves for loss of utility service for 72 hours. This is normal for hurricane preparation as well. We have some supplies left from hurricane season, we're replenishing water at the moment.
  • Many stores and public places are now closed.
  • Per the DEM evacuation plan, we are currently staying put. This may seem counterintuitive, but there are only two roads in or out of Waikiki and those need to be kept clear for emergency vehicles and those people who actually need to evacuate.
We are moving Karen's mom's car and possibly mine as well.

News is keeping people informed and the panic levels are relatively low at the moment. People are being good about staying at home and not freaking out. First wave hits in a few hours, so we'll see where things go from there.

As long as we have power and Internet, I'll post here and try to get things on either YouTube or Facebook.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Monitor

I bought an SGI 1600SW panel off eBay the other day and it arrived today, all intact. I have not yet hooked it up because I need to do some desk rearrangement.

The 1600SW panel is a 12 year old LCD panel that was made by Silicon Graphics. When they released it, SGI was promoting their Visual Workstation computer line. The Visual Workstations were Intel-based computers running a hacked up version of Windows NT. Those computers never took off, but the LCD panel caught the eye of many people. Twelve years later and it's still a nice display. I like the size, supported resolutions, and the fact that it's not glossy (remember in 1998 we were not in to glossy LCD displays yet).

Being 12 years old isn't the only problem the 1600SW presents. The fact that it came from SGI means there is going to be some sort of "catch" to make it usable. For the 1600SW, you need a special dingus to allow it to connect to a VGA or DVI interface. The 1600SW uses OpenLDI, a wonderful video interface standard that was never adopted anywhere. The panel I bought did come with the dingus (SGI sold them under the name "Multilink Adapter") and the necessary cabling, so I should be in business relatively quickly. The preferred resolution with this display is 1600x1024, so I'm hoping to not run in to problems there.

On an entirely different note, I received an email that Blogger is requiring me to change my blog or lose functionality. So I need to do something about that soon, which may mean changing hosting providers.