Sunday, January 31, 2010

Can't Wait For This Season

Honolulu got to see the first hour of LOST season 6 episode 1 on 30-Jan-2010, everyone else has to wait. The hype around LOST is absurd and damned entertaining at the same time. I absolutely love the ridiculous fan speculation and theories and writeups on the Internet. It's hilarious. I personally avoid any of the extra LOST stuff and just stick with the show, but still this is hilarious:

(Found via Jorge Garcia's blog). Yes, there are a lot of questions for the writers to answer and I think it's safe to assume that we won't get answers to everything, so here are my top 5 questions (in no particular order) that I'm hoping to have an answer to:

  • What is the smoke monster? And by that I mean tell me what it is, why it sounds like an NYC taxi receipt printer, and where did it come from. The smoke monster first appeared in the pilot episode, so I think we deserve an answer to this one.

  • What's the deal with the Egyptian stuff? The statue, the hieroglyphics, and so on. And don't give me a Stargate answer.

  • What's the deal with Richard? Seriously, no aging? Come on, explain yourself.

  • Who does the glass eye belong to? The what? That's right, the glass eye found in the hollowed out book in the abandoned Arrow station by the tail section survivors early in the series. Yeah, I want to know if it belonged to Uncle Patchy and if so, how'd he lose that eye.

  • What do the numbers mean? The numbers had way more screen time early in the series and that's sort of been reduced to occurrences of the numbers in various forms here and there.

I could really list a lot more, but those are the 5 that came to mind. Hopefully it'll be an entertaining season.