Monday, November 2, 2009

What Goes Here

I've had a web site for myself in at least some capacity since 1995 or so. Either hosted by an ISP or running off my own hardware. This was all before the notion of 'blogs'. I say a lot of things, but (a) most people don't care and (b) is this page really a good medium for the things I say?

Most of my commentary is centered around work or technical issues, something that causes a lot of shit from friends and family. I'm on Twitter and Facebook as well, plus I have a photo site. But really, the things that I take time to write now--meant for other technical readers--is in source code commits to various projects. Those are almost like a blog, really.

After talking with Logan (who has long since shut down his space on the web and decommissioned the remaining hardware that was once snarf and/or penfold), I have decided that this site is no longer necessary. Instead of hosting a blog, I want it to pull in my information from other sources. I have no idea yet how to accomlish that, but I'll figure something out.