Thursday, August 6, 2009

Latest F-11 Rhythmbox Troubles

This could be user error, but so far no one has been able to explain to me this change. rhythmbox-0.12.1 in Fedora 11 was the last version to come with the GNOME panel applet icon. It offers a context menu to play or pause and to skip tracks. This made the program far more usable to me because I could control it from the applet panel. But now, as of 0.12.3, this feature is gone. Can I turn it on again? I can't seem to figure out how. I don't want to use rhythmbox fullscreen either.

The second problem with 0.12.3 on my system is the volume control. If I skip tracks, the volume control is reduced to almost silence. I have to open the volume control and jack up the volume to hear things again. But, if I let rhythmbox play tracks as is, the volume remains the same. Anyone else experiencing this problem in F-11?

I've dropped back to rhythmbox-0.12.1 for now.


GGC said...

Yeah, i have the same issue on my fedora system :-( for x86_64. The sound goes good.

Matthias said...

It has been turned into a plugin, fittingly named 'Status Icon'. And you can use the 'Configure' button in the Plugins dialog to change when it is visible. The default for that setting is 'never' it seems, which may explain your problem.

Nushio said...

What Matthias said is right.

It surprised (and annoyed) me until I found it.

lkundrak said...

I didn't notice when was did blogs became a proper place for bug reports, but good old bugzilla has an entry for the volume trouble as well:

cdamian said...

As lkundrak said: there are some bugs in bugzilla regarding the volume. I fixed it by enabling the cross fading between songs in rythmbox.

And there is the gnome-applet-music , which is a lot more useful than the status icon.

dcantrell said...

This is nice, thanks for all of the comments. With this information, I was able to fix both problems I was experiencing.

The Status Icon plugin is a bit annoying to configure. In fact, I'd say it's too configurable, but I was able to bring the mode I liked.

For the volume problem, I enabled cross fading between tracks as cdamian said and that worked.

lkundrak: Blogs are not suitable for bug reporting, but then again I didn't know if I was experiencing a bug or if it was just my misunderstanding. I prefer to understand the problem before reporting it. Many bugs I deal with usually end up being users not understanding how the software works.

lkundrak said...

dcantrell: violation of least-surprise principle can be often regarded as bug, especially when it comes to desktop (which is likely to be used by people without technical expertise in the are).

Anonymous said...

Note that the change was itself occasioned by a bug report in which myself and others complained loudly about rb having a useless (to us) notification area icon (it's not an applet) which is impossible to disable.

I didn't necessarily expect it to default to disabled after being turned into a plugin, but I'm happy it does. GNOME guidelines are clear on the position that notification area applets are to be used for _transient notification_, not as a place to dump a bit of your application's interface because you think it's more important than other applications.