Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's stuck in there with glue or something, I don't know. [1]

I'm not antiquing, but trying to fix a chair that normally resides at our breakfast table. The chair had been mended in the past using tape (not by me). The adhesive on the tape eventually hardened and separated from the tape backing, and the chair split once again. I think someone put a nail in it after that, which seemed to work for a while. Oddly, the chair is still usable, despite the increasingly large split down this on leg. All I need to do is mend it again, right?

I could use screws, but the likelihood of splitting the wood more is pretty high, so scratch that idea. I decide to go with glue. Strong stuff.

I sniffed out facts on a lot of different glues trying to find one that would not remove my skin but would be strong enough to probably hold this chair together a bit longer. I decided to go with Gorilla Glue. These guys certainly have marketing down. It's location in the hardware store is perfect, the packaging and name give you the idea that it's strong (my knowledge of gorillas seems to indicate they are probably strong), and it's priced right. Gorilla Glue is also made in the USA, so I'm certain it only contains chemicals that the US has deemed safe for me in certain quantities.

So yes, I just wrote a blog entry about glue. I'm waiting for the gunk remover to work on the tape adhesive, so I had to do something.

I also used this chair project as an excuse to buy some more tools. Irwin makes micro Quick-Clamps, which are perfect for this job. I have larger Quick-Clamps (back in New Hampshire), so small ones make a nice addition to the tool collection. These look like calipers more than clamps.

[1] Futurama 2ACV17, "War Is The H-Word"

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Camille said...

hehe, "sniffed out" facts about glue. I love puns.