Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bag of Updates

I have been in the process of moving my photos from my Flickr account over to my new SmugMug account. After looking at different photo sites and briefly considering setting up my own, I decided to go with SmugMug. So far I have been very pleased with their service. It's not cheap, but I was looking for a lot of features and frankly, SmugMug was the only one that could deliver.

I have not moved all of my photos from Flickr over to SmugMug. I am also taking the opportunity to reorganize my photos locally and remove ones that should have been removed a long time ago. As I reorganize the collection locally and republish (or not) to SmugMug, I'm removing the album from Flickr. I'm down to 1200 or so photos at last count on Flickr and I was at around 6000.

Not sure what to do with my Flickr account other than let it expire. I think cell phone type photos that I take will end up on Facebook rather than Flickr.

Karen is going to the mainland soon for a week for Sarah's & Ryan's wedding, but I cannot go. After the wedding, she's heading over to New York to see her mom and friends from home, then will make the trip back to Hawaii with her mom. There's a stop over in Las Vegas and I plan on meeting them there for the weekend.

The work on our building is still going on and at the rate they are working, I don't expect it to be finished on time. But I don't really care about that. What's bizarre to me is that the work crew blasts old Elton John and Billy Joel music early in the morning and sings along to it. The crew also takes their lunch break and just sleeps in the parking lot. I leave to go get lunch and there's 8 guys just lying on the ground. It looks like a scene from The Stand or something like that.

We've already booked visitors for February 2010, so if you are wanting to visit us and crash at our place, book early! We are popular.

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