Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's stuck in there with glue or something, I don't know. [1]

I'm not antiquing, but trying to fix a chair that normally resides at our breakfast table. The chair had been mended in the past using tape (not by me). The adhesive on the tape eventually hardened and separated from the tape backing, and the chair split once again. I think someone put a nail in it after that, which seemed to work for a while. Oddly, the chair is still usable, despite the increasingly large split down this on leg. All I need to do is mend it again, right?

I could use screws, but the likelihood of splitting the wood more is pretty high, so scratch that idea. I decide to go with glue. Strong stuff.

I sniffed out facts on a lot of different glues trying to find one that would not remove my skin but would be strong enough to probably hold this chair together a bit longer. I decided to go with Gorilla Glue. These guys certainly have marketing down. It's location in the hardware store is perfect, the packaging and name give you the idea that it's strong (my knowledge of gorillas seems to indicate they are probably strong), and it's priced right. Gorilla Glue is also made in the USA, so I'm certain it only contains chemicals that the US has deemed safe for me in certain quantities.

So yes, I just wrote a blog entry about glue. I'm waiting for the gunk remover to work on the tape adhesive, so I had to do something.

I also used this chair project as an excuse to buy some more tools. Irwin makes micro Quick-Clamps, which are perfect for this job. I have larger Quick-Clamps (back in New Hampshire), so small ones make a nice addition to the tool collection. These look like calipers more than clamps.

[1] Futurama 2ACV17, "War Is The H-Word"

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bag of Updates

I have been in the process of moving my photos from my Flickr account over to my new SmugMug account. After looking at different photo sites and briefly considering setting up my own, I decided to go with SmugMug. So far I have been very pleased with their service. It's not cheap, but I was looking for a lot of features and frankly, SmugMug was the only one that could deliver.

I have not moved all of my photos from Flickr over to SmugMug. I am also taking the opportunity to reorganize my photos locally and remove ones that should have been removed a long time ago. As I reorganize the collection locally and republish (or not) to SmugMug, I'm removing the album from Flickr. I'm down to 1200 or so photos at last count on Flickr and I was at around 6000.

Not sure what to do with my Flickr account other than let it expire. I think cell phone type photos that I take will end up on Facebook rather than Flickr.

Karen is going to the mainland soon for a week for Sarah's & Ryan's wedding, but I cannot go. After the wedding, she's heading over to New York to see her mom and friends from home, then will make the trip back to Hawaii with her mom. There's a stop over in Las Vegas and I plan on meeting them there for the weekend.

The work on our building is still going on and at the rate they are working, I don't expect it to be finished on time. But I don't really care about that. What's bizarre to me is that the work crew blasts old Elton John and Billy Joel music early in the morning and sings along to it. The crew also takes their lunch break and just sleeps in the parking lot. I leave to go get lunch and there's 8 guys just lying on the ground. It looks like a scene from The Stand or something like that.

We've already booked visitors for February 2010, so if you are wanting to visit us and crash at our place, book early! We are popular.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why Do People Keep Buying It

I was talking to a neighbour in the building the other day about various things. We have construction work happening on the building, so we discussed that. We also talked about the person parking at the building who doesn't live there (resulted in a very painful morning for me because he left a note in the wind shield saying he was visiting unit #603, which is our condo, but I have no idea who this guy is).

As we talk, he walks over to check his mailbox. The latest issue of some Mac magazine was in there, so he started talking about computers. He knows that I write software (or bugs, depending on how you look at it), but I quickly made it clear that I don't do tech support. I can't help you with your printer problems, why "The Internet" won't work on your computer, or help with your wireless router. For that, you need to be on a very short list of names of people I will help.

Fortunately he didn't have any questions. But he wanted to tell me his story about why he switched to Mac. OK, cool, I can listen to that while I wait for my delivery to show up. He went on and on about how Windows kept getting progressively worse and finally he just bought a Mac and it's been great. That sounds like a solution to me. I hear a lot of people complain about Windows over and over and I just wonder why they put up with it. Or, if you are going to put up with it, why do you keep buying new versions if you are continually disappointed?

After Windows he went on and on about Microsoft Office and how much he hates it. After a while of this, I said, "if you hate it so much, you should give OpenOffice a try." He'd never heard of it (no surprise), but he did say he went out and bought iWork so he could use that instead. Again with the solutions. More average computer users should be like this guy.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Moving Photos to SmugMug

After searching for alternatives to Flickr, I've finally chosen SmugMug. I'm also using this as an opportunity to clean up my disorganized photo collection locally before publishing to SmugMug. As I move things around locally and publish to SmugMug, I am removing the same content from Flickr. I've already paid for Flickr through spring of next year, but I do not plan on using it anymore. Photos I take from my phone or things like that, I will most likely upload to Facebook rather than creating a gallery on SmugMug.

New photo site:

I don't have any bio content up there or really anything beyond the default layout. It'll take me a while to get everything set up there since this is a hobby.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Latest F-11 Rhythmbox Troubles

This could be user error, but so far no one has been able to explain to me this change. rhythmbox-0.12.1 in Fedora 11 was the last version to come with the GNOME panel applet icon. It offers a context menu to play or pause and to skip tracks. This made the program far more usable to me because I could control it from the applet panel. But now, as of 0.12.3, this feature is gone. Can I turn it on again? I can't seem to figure out how. I don't want to use rhythmbox fullscreen either.

The second problem with 0.12.3 on my system is the volume control. If I skip tracks, the volume control is reduced to almost silence. I have to open the volume control and jack up the volume to hear things again. But, if I let rhythmbox play tracks as is, the volume remains the same. Anyone else experiencing this problem in F-11?

I've dropped back to rhythmbox-0.12.1 for now.