Monday, July 20, 2009

SCUBA Diving

Living in Hawaii brings a lot of our friends and family by. We represent slightly less expensive accomodations for people who want to visit. That's cool because we enjoy visitors.

Everyone comes here and wants to do the things they hear about in Hawaii. I usually play tour guide and drive people around the island and take them to the different big name spots. The beach is easy to figure out on your own. For surfing, you're on your own for that. Surfing doesn't really appeal to me.

The other popular activities that our visitors want to do include snorkeling and SCUBA diving. We've had a number of SCUBA visitors. Karen usually goes with them because she is SCUBA certified. I am not and that has involved conversations with many people who assume that I am not certified because I am afraid of diving. The problem is that I cannot get a medical certificate from my doctor to allow me to complete the SCUBA training.

See, I have seizure disorder (which is also called epilepsy). I am on daily medication and regularly see a neurologist who occasionally performs tests to collect new data about my brain and see if the medication is actually working. The good news is that the medication has been working since I went on it. The bad news is that my doctor wants me to be on it for 5 years without a seizure before he will consider taking me off the medication. And if/when that happens, you still need to be seizure for an additional 5 years while off medication before they will consider letting you SCUBA.

So that's the reason. Please don't explain how great SCUBA is to me and what all I am missing. If I had the opportunity, I would do it. Until then, I get to do other things, such as snorkeling.

Don't always assume people aren't diving because they are afraid. Sometimes it's out of their hands.

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