Sunday, July 26, 2009

My New Hammer

I have a tool bag with my most used tools that don't have their own box (e.g., socket set). I went with the tool bag mostly because it's easier to transport than a toolbox, doesn't weigh as much as a toolbox, and gets rid of the idea of organization, which really never works in a toolbox anyway.

One problem with the tool bag that I have is that it can't hold a hammer. A hammer is something I deem useful for a variety of purposes and I've never had a hammer that can just fit in the tool bag. My friend Elliott never even had a hammer, always borrowing mine because I had a toolbox at the time and he has toolbags (so I could carry a hammer, among other things).

I like the tool bag though and if a hammer won't fit in it, that's ok. I am usually doing things that require screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, nutdrivers, Torx drivers, and occassionally the use of a wrench. You know, voiding warranties. But sometimes I need a hammer.

I finally found one that can fit in the tool bag. At City Mill, I saw a mini hammer. I had actually seen it before, but finally picked it up the other day. Here's a picture:

Yes, physics 101 will tell you that a short handle hammer is stupid. However, for hanging pictures and finishing the job of voiding warranties, the shortie hammer works fine.


Tuishimi said...

How much does the short hammer weigh? I suppose if the handle was a massive chunk of iron it would be heavy enough to at least do some modest hammering. :)

dcantrell said...

The handle weighs less than the head. It's a full size head, just a growth-challenged handle.