Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Building Repair Work

Today was the first day of exterior repair work that is happening on our condo building. They are repairing spalling all over the building including the lanai on every unit. After that repair work, they are repainting the entire building. Probably just a fresh coat of beach front beige.

I like preventative maintenance as well as overall upkeep of things, but the execution by the management company for this repair work has been less than stellar. They sent out notices over 6 months ago telling us that we needed to clear off our lanai so that they could be inspected for spalling damage. OK, done. Skip to today and we have a construction crew installing scaffolding and window washer lifts. No notice was ever sent out telling us when it would begin, but we knew that our lanai would have to be cleaned off. Also, since my parking stall is on the top level, I have to move my car when they work on that side of the building.

So, nothing was ever sent out. I called our landlord who was also unaware of any work going on. We cleaned off our lanai (more or less) and I have been monitoring for when I need to move my car. This evening a notice was taped up in the elevator telling everyone that failure to clear off your lanai will delay the repair work at your cost. What? Tell us the day after it starts that we have to clear everything off the lanai. They will be getting a phone call tomorrow.

Fortunately, today was just set up day. It was noisy as they assembled the window washer lift system and ran cables. I hope it doesn't end up like this one:


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