Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Departure in Five Short Hours

Karen and I are headed to BOS this evening. This coming weekend is the wedding of my good friend Chris. We're arriving a bit early since I'm in the wedding. It'll be nice to be back in New England, if only for a short time.

Next week I'll be putting in hours at the Red Hat office. Towards the end of the week, Karen and I will be headed down to Manhattan to visit her brother and his girlfriend. I wanted to take the Acela down to Manhattan so this would officially be a planes, trains, and automobiles trip, but the Acela is just too expensive considering we also have a week of car rental and roundtrip airfare from HNL.

We head back home after that, hopefully not too exhausted.

Over the weekend, we picked up things that we needed for the trip and verified travel plans and such. While out and about, we stopped at a Sprint store because I wanted to see the new Palm Pre phone. I have to say it's a lot nicer than I thought it would be. The size is nice and I like the keyboard (it's actually usable, for me at least). I get my iPhone contract shackles removed in January, at which point I either keep the POS iPhone or go for something new. Perhaps by then Sprint will be on revision 2 of the Palm Pre and it'll be even nicer. The price right now looks good and the features are nice to me. Then again, I'm easily impressed. I bought the original model iPhone, after all.

I'm not leaving BellSouth Mobility SBC Wireless Ameritech Pacific Bell Wireless Cingular AT&T Wireless AT&T Death Star unless someone else pays the $175 early contract termination fee. I'll just wait.

What are the odds of my contract running to completion before Sprint is acquired? Perhaps by Death Star.

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Jim said...

Worth noting, your contract cancellation fee is pro-rated $5/mo per month of the contract fulfilled if I'm not mistaken. I believe it's something relatively close to that if it's not that. So really, leaving the death star (which I just signed up with on Friday ;)) wouldn't be all too painful.