Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moved to github

I've moved my non-work/non-Fedora projects over to I originally hosted my own source control. I started many many years ago with CVS, then Subversion, then Mercurial for whatever reason, and finally I decided I didn't want to be my own system administrator anymore, so I shut down my server after 10 years of availability. With that came the need to find a home for email (gmail), web hosting (site5), and version control. At the recommendation of Logan, I decided to give a try. Like the web interface, hate the use of subversion.

So now I'm using git for everything: work projects and non-work projects. As such, I've moved the following projects to github:
I have not moved my osxpkgs project from because I really just don't care about it anymore. If anyone out there wants to take over ownership of that project, let me know and I'll give it to you. osxpkgs still lives here.

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Logan Johnson said...

just wanted to note that I also prefer GitHub these days, not least because git kicks the crap out of svn.