Tuesday, May 12, 2009

License Plates

Or number plates, depending on where you live. Many of my friends know I spot license plates on vehicles very quickly. The other day we're driving down Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki and in the middle of conversation I say, "Vermont" and point to the vehicle in front of us. Jeep Wrangler with Vermont plates in Hawaii. I've seen more out of state and out of country plates in Hawaii than anywhere else.

I have my original Georgia plate from when I bought my Jetta (complete with the Fulton county sticker covering up the Cobb county sticker, ITP residents will be able to understand) as well as my New Hampshire plates from when I moved up there. I never had the vehicle registered in Massachusetts, so I have no Massachusetts plates. I do have a California plate from my neighbor back in Nashua (not stolen, they registered the car in NH and offered me a CA plate since I had my GA one displayed).

There is a restaurant out in Hawaii Kai called The Shack, which is a neat burger place on the harbor. Outdoor seating, nice bar, boat access. They have license plates decorating the walls, which is not uncommon for places like this. Some plate designs are uber lame (e.g., Massachusetts, California, or the post-1991 Hawaii plate) and some are really nice looking (e.g., Arizona, Idaho, New Hampshire).

I'm not alone in my interest in license plates. It's sort of like stamp collecting or coin collecting, I guess. So, why not get official samples from the different state governments? Not all states do, but whatever.

I'm looking for information on collecting North American-sized license plates. For example, I found that the state of Alaska will send you either the standard current plate design or the gold rush plate design for $3. I'm also interested in license plates from Canada, Mexico, and the various island territories and nations surrounding North America.

Will I collect any of these? We'll see. I might send Alaska $3 and ask for a plate. Then only 47 states to go (have NH and GA, remember). If you're ever looking for a good gift idea for me, a license plate is always welcomed. If you have any information about Canadian or Mexican license plates, let me know.


Camille said...

You're weird. :)

I see plates for Nuevo Leon all the time here. Maybe I'll steal one for you.

Ed said...

The plates in Oklaoma are crazy. Each indian tribe as it's own plate. I would literally see a new plate for a new ribe I never knew existed about once a month. Some near my former house include, Sac and Fox (I thought on that reservation), Absentee Shawnee, Kiowa, Citizen Potowotomi, Cherokee, Creek, Comanche, Etc...

Angela said...

The number plate system in the UK works differently, so people are quite inventive here. Do you ever take pictures of the registrations you see?

dcantrell said...

I occasionally take pictures of plates I see. If I see an interesting vanity plate or an interesting special type plate, I will take a picture.

I saw a white station wagon in Honolulu with a paint scheme similar to the Ghostbusters vehicle, it's plate said "ECTO".

I saw a vanity plate in New Hampshire that was "PLATE".

Angela said...

It seems quite a lot of people is the US are interested in vanity plates. If you do take any pictures, I would love to put some in our number plate gallery. Don't have many pictures of American plates.