Monday, May 4, 2009


Karen and I are engaged, as of April 18th, 2009. I had huge elaborate plans to propose to Karen, which involved planning a secret trip under the disguise of a business trip to Boston and then proposing there and having a party with all of our Boston friends. The main problem associated with that trip was timing and money, because Karen and I already travel quite a bit. So then I thought about a weekend trip to Maui on the Superferry and proposing either on the Superferry or somewhere on Maui. I went to book tickets for the trip and it happened to be the same exact day that the Superferry was shut down by the Hawaii supreme court. Taking that as a sign to not involve travel around the proposal, I got up at 4:00 AM one Saturday and made breakfast and went and got flowers and surprised Karen that way. She loved it.

We celebrated at Rum Fire (in fact, the photo above is from Rum Fire, and I think I had had a few drinks by the time the camera came out) that night with Karen's mom and friends and then had fun calling and telling our friends and family. Facebook was alerted a few days later.

Karen and I met in Boston in July of 2006. She was living in Medford, Massachusetts and I was living in Nashua, New Hampshire. We met via eHarmony. Our first date was at Bertucci's in the Alewife T Station. What's sort of funny now is that we originally had planned a date a little earlier than the one we actually had. I was getting ready to leave work (the Westford Red Hat office) and we [the anaconda team] were working late on trying to make split media installs work (well, I wasn't doing much of anything if I recall correctly). At the mandate of Jeremy Katz (that's right, I'm calling you out by name), he indicated that my leaving early would suck. Not really knowing what else to do, I walked out behind the building and called Karen to cancel. She told me later that she didn't expect to hear from me after that, that perhaps I had met someone else and was getting out of this date.

What REALLY sucked is that after that split media crap, my parents came up to visit for a week. So I was postponing even more. So many things were working against me for Karen and I to meet up. However, I did call her and we did make arrangements for another date and it actually worked this time. I arrived a bit early and was sitting at the bar in a Hawaiian shirt. Little did I know we'd be living in Hawaii years later. We hit it off immediately and everyone knows the rest.

We have been getting a lot of questions about when the wedding will be and where the wedding will be. And then about a thousand other questions. Things I'd like our friends and family to know as Karen and I plan things:
  • We have been invited to four weddings for 2009.
  • We have other travels slated for 2009 (holidays, etc).
  • We live in Hawaii, so no trip is minor.
  • We have chosen the Boston, Massachusetts area for the wedding because it's where we met and that location means something to both of us.
  • The wedding will not occur in 2009 (see first point).
And that's all we have planned so far. Really. Seriously. Since I am nerdly, I will probably set up a wedding web site as we get more things put together.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad that split media did not kill things for you :-)