Friday, April 17, 2009

Tax Season Over

In the United States, personal income tax is collected at a variety of levels. Some cities collect a personal income tax, such as the City of New York and the City of Yonkers (which they call an income tax surcharge, which still sounds like tax to me), both in New York state. Many municipalities have wage taxes or occupational taxes, which are usually the source of many local arguments and debates and councilmembers being voted out of office.

But no one ever really talks about municipal government income tax. All you ever really hear about is state income tax and federal income tax. You also hear the date April 15 a lot, which is the date that personal income tax to the federal government is due. Most states make their due dates on this day as well.

This week has been tax week and there have been subtle clues all over that you need to remember to file your tax return by April 15th. One of my favorite so far has been AMC running The Untouchables several times a day this week. Remember how they got Capone on income tax evasion? Oh right, better go do my taxes.

Here in Hawaii, I have the pleasure of paying 8.25% of my income to the state government and a significantly larger portion to the federal government.

I hope everyone filed on time.

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