Monday, April 13, 2009

Offer Valid At Participating Locations

You know the phrase. Offer valid at participating locations. Or something along those lines. I'd never run in to a non-participating location until moving to Hawaii. Here, they never participate in nationwide promotions. Sign seen today at the register at KFC Hawaii on Kapahulu Ave:

This is about the norm. Stores have to put up signs like this when a nationwide coupon mailer goes out and everyone in Hawaii ends up with the coupons that aren't valid here.

Perhaps the bigger question here is why was I eating at KFC?


Anonymous said...

"Why are you eating at KFC" was the main question that came to my mind. So please enlighten us... is there some Hawaiian KFC beer? :)

dcantrell said...

There is no KFC beer. This will sound stupid, but so I don't feel like I'm working in BioDome or something, I leave for lunch so I can at least go out and interact with my surroundings and not remain a shutin. KFC is on a list of eateries I rotate among. It's not great, but whatever. One thing working in its favor is they have free newspapers.