Friday, April 17, 2009

Dinner at Ka 'Ikena

On Wednesday night, Karen and I met with some of her coworkers and their friends for dinner at the Ka 'Ikena Restaurant at Kapi'olani Community College. This restaurant is a teaching/classroom facility for people taking culinary and hospitality courses. The restaurant manager is the instructor for the dining room students. The kitchen operates as a separate class (at least based on what I was told).

It was really interesting and strange. Should we all be playing various roles, such as aggravated customer, difficult customer, customer who doesn't speak English, and so on?

The restaurant serves a full 5 course meal, but the only beverages offered are water or tea. It's bring your own booze, so everyone showed up with bottles of wine and beer. Guess the school can't have a liquor license?

Elsewhere in the same building were various kitchens and lab environments. For example, we entered the building and walked past the Confectionery Lab. Neat.

In another building is a mock hotel room. So weird. I guess people in the hospitality industry have to learn somewhere and you might as well have actual settings like the ones you'll be working in.

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