Saturday, April 4, 2009

Car Warranty Calls

I have been getting these for the past 3 weeks on my cell phone. Usually about 2 calls a day. All from different numbers. The call comes in and reports a valid phone number. Once I speak (e.g., "Hello?"), the autodialer plays a recording telling me my car warranty is about to expire. Press 1 to speak to a representative or press 2 to opt-out of future special offers. Pressing 2 does nothing, the calls keep coming in. Speaking to a representative is also difficult.

The autodialer does not exist where the callers are. When you press 1, your call is routed to someone somewhere. Internet says the operators work from home and the autodialer rings their phone and they pick up and take the call. I cannot imagine what circumstances would make a person take that job.

I ask to be put on the do not call list, but before I can finish the question, the operator disconnects. These people are trained well. Any attempts to fish information out of them gets met with a disconnect. There is no way to call back either and you know nothing about them. Very frustrating.

Rob Cockerham posted a page about this very problem on his site. Rob's done a lot of great things for the Internet, including documenting many pranks and performing detailed scientific analysis of products in his kitchen. He's also become a consumer advocate of sorts, which is nice for us lay people because Rob has a bigger voice because he's been on TV and I think his name is on the Internet more prominently than mine.

Anyways, Rob is having the same trouble I'm having trying to get any information about these people. So I'm posting on my tiny little blog that 4.5 people read (maybe).

I've received calls that claim to be from the following numbers:
If you're receiving calls about extended car warranties and you have any additional information, please post here. I'm trying to find out who the company is.

If you are being annoyed by these calls, try to have some fun with them. Start giving out any of the above phone numbers as ways to contact you, but be sure to tell people you are extension 1. The only way to try to get information from these people is to talk the operator about the offer. Be sure to give them a fake car, possibly even several. Say you have 20 cars or 20000 cars. But be sure to pick old ones. Like a 1953 Nash Rambler or a 1965 International Harvester Scout or a 1954 BMW Isetta.


Linda said...

I'm receiving the same phone calls from several of those numbers. It all started on 3/19/2009. I've been receiving these calls every day now, at least twice a day. I can't get a hold of anyone and if i did, the person would deny having a 'do not reply' list. I've told them that federal law requires them to have one, then I was rudely denied by the caller and he hung up on me.

I did a little research on the internet, and found a web site to report these harassing callers. It's You can choose what type of complaint form to fill out and fill out detailed information about the call.

I'm currently in the middle of filling out the forms, so we'll see if this helps. Otherwise, i just ignore the phone calls for now. Even my sister is receiving some phone calls from these people and she just ignores them.

Anonymous said...

I have also been getting these calls, and it is hilarious since I don't own a car and I never have. My mother also received calls like this, and she messed with the operator by asking what car they were referring to. He started to stutter and said he couldn't release the information do to "confidentiality".

eringreb said...

I've gotten at least 10 calls from these people on my cell phone. Every single time it is a different number so I can't block the calls. I just don't pick up anymore if I don't recognize the number, and these people never leave a message.

Aslam said...

I am recieving phone calls on my cell number from 414-462-5902 for car warranty.Can the FEDS do something on these calls.


ochnanora said...

I have been receiving calls to. I have an idea that might be kind of fun. It would be great if other people done it to. When they call, while speaking to one of their representatives I would try to keep them on the phone for at least two minutes. Then acting like an FBI agent or someone in the government. I would say something like, "we got them? okay go go go!" that might get them running. If they felt that the FBI or someone else was closing in on them may be they would give up the scam and stop calling people. It's just an idea.