Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Beers #13, #14, and #15

I'm really behind on the beer challenge. I have a backlog of days now. The trip to New Hampshire messed me up, so now I have to get drunk this weekend and catch up. I was able to try three new beers on the trip and make some forward progress:

Beer #13: Wolaver's Brown Ale

Certified organic and certified tasty. Recommended. Good flavor, aroma, and color. All around enjoyable beer.

Beer #14: Mayflower Brewing Pale Ale

As far as pale ales go, this one isn't terribly exciting. If you like pale ale, you might like this one. Some say it's a bit on the hoppy side. I didn't notice or I didn't mind, not quite sure. Probably not one I would seek out, but definitely not horrible. If you like pale ale, try this one.

Beer #15: Woodchuck Draft Cider

Does cider count as a beer? I'm including it in the beer challenge, mostly because I'd never had it and I wanted to try it. Adult apple juice. It's pretty good.

OK, I'm now on day 20 and I am only at 15 beers. That means I'm only trying 0.75 new beers a day currently. Need to step that up.

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