Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back From New Hampshire

Karen and I finally made it back home from Greg & Mekayla's wedding. The trip was a lot of fun and we got to see a lot of our Boston friends. It was short, mostly because we have more trips later in the year and budgeting comes in to play. It costs a lot to fly from the center of the Pacific Ocean to Boston.

The AMC Highland Center was a great location for their wedding. The last time I was there was when Chris and I hiked Avalon, Field, and Tom.

They asked me to be one of the official photographers for the wedding. Official is too official of a word. They didn't hire a professional photographer, but asked me to coordinate the efforts of 6 of us who had been asked to specifically take photos throughout the wedding. I took 927 photos over three days. All combined, there was over 6000 photos (and that's from everyone who had a camera too, not just the official photographers).

I learned a good bit over the three days. Lighting is a bitch. Photographing a campfire is hard. More people than I thought do not like to have their picture taken. Vaulted ceilings and fluorescent lighting makes lighting the shot challenging.

I am currently going through the photos I took and trimming it down to what I deem the good photos. Once I have those, I'll upload to Flickr.

Earned just over 10000 miles for this trip.

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