Sunday, March 22, 2009

Target Assets Protection

Most big box stores have some sort of store security. For retail stores, one of the biggest problems they have to deal with is theft. They give the people who check receipts when you leave the store the fancy title of Loss Prevention.

Karen and I went to the new Target in Salt Lake today to buy a random assortment of things. Walking in to the store, I saw what looked like a Segway from an angle, but when I looked closer I noticed it was a stand-and-ride tricycle. Painted on the side were the words ASSETS PROTECTION. The Target name and logo were prominently featured on the vehicle. Actually, it's probably easier for me to just show you:

And from another angle:

I found this vehicle amazingly hilarious. It made me think of Gizmoduck from Duck Tales. Also, the thought of store security chasing someone down on this thing is a hilarious thought. Could you run faster than it? It looks street capable, but it was not equipped with license plates, so I imagine they aren't going to be taking it for a spin on Salt Lake Blvd.

As I stood there taking pictures of it, people chuckled or ignored me. I cannot be the only person who finds this vehicle both hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.

And, Assets Protection? It guess it sounds a little more intimidating than Loss Prevention.


Sushi said...

At the fancy outdoor mall near us the security guys have weird tricycle Segways like this. What makes it even better is that they wear BICYCLE HELMETS while driving them around.

Ben said...

The downtown police have them here in Birmingham, AL. I worked for Roly Poly delivering sandwiches last year and saw them riding side-by-side in the street all the time. I even saw one enter an intersection when he had a red light, realize he didn't know how to go in reverse, and make a loop while blocking traffic. While it does look like a hilarious lo-tech ripoff of the Segway, at least when the battery dies you don't go face-first into the pavement :)

h.reinisch said...

i saw this today, and am wondering what this thing is capable of

agreed its quite hilarious

Concerned Owner said...

I have also reported the Segway on my blog site: I think they have 150 of them for their 1800 stores. Probably only used to deter parking lot problems as their security types are told NOT to chase shoplifters or leave the property. It is all in their Directives which I posted 3 years ago.

C. Five Steps for Apprehension
Certified AP team members must observe all five steps prior to making a shoplifter apprehension.

NOTE: If local law enforcement takes independent action and makes an apprehension before all five steps are met, the details must be documented in the CIRS report.

1. Initiation of Observation - The subject must enter the store/area without possession of Target merchandise.
2. Selection - The subject must be observed selecting Target merchandise from the display location.
3. Concealment - The subject must be observed concealing the merchandise, or the AP team member must have NO reasonable doubt based on observations that the merchandise has been concealed by the subject.
NOTE: If the merchandise is not actually concealed, it must be exposed as the subject exits or attempts to exit the store.
4. Maintain Observation - The AP team member must maintain sufficient surveillance of the subject in order to know the location of the merchandise and ensure the subject does not discard the merchandise.
NOTE: A Productive Merchandise Recovery (PMR) shall be attempted if surveillance is broken for any reason, or the AP team member can not maintain sufficient surveillance. (See PMR Directive).
5. Failure to Pay for Merchandise/Exiting the Store -AP team member(s) must observe the subject attempt to exit the store without paying for the merchandise.
NOTE: Some jurisdictions allow variances from the exiting requirement to allow apprehensions of concealed merchandise before an individual reaches the building’s exit. In these cases, the requirements must be documented and approved by the Director or Vice President of Assets Protection using the “Variance from Exiting Form” (found on the AP Zone).

D. Restroom / Fitting Room Apprehensions
AP team members are not allowed to conduct surveillance or make apprehensions in restroom and/or fitting rooms.
1. AP team members are not allowed to follow subject’s into a restroom or fitting room to conduct surveillance.
2. AP team members shall not ask another team member to enter a fitting room or restroom to conduct surveillance.
B. Searches of Private Residence or Motor Vehicles
1. AP team members will NOT participate in a search of a private residence or motor vehicle.
1. Fleeing Shoplifter
a. If a shoplifter attempts to flee after being confronted, do not give chase in any manner (running, driving, etc.).
b. Store based AP team members shall not use any vehicle to follow or pursue a subject for any reason.
c. AP team members shall not encourage, condone, suggest or ask another Target team member or anyone else to chase a fleeing shoplifter.