Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lost in Lost

I missed the episode that aired on February 11th, but the faux Tivo provided by Oceanic Time Warner cable saved it for us. I made sure that we watched it before watching last night's episode because if you watch any of LOST out of order, you lose what continuity you might have already had.

The February 11th show was really cool. The jumping around in time thing is cool. I also like some of the last names of somewhat recent characters. Faraday, Hawking, even Lacombe (but I guess he didn't live past that episode). Was I the only one who laughed when his last name was mentioned as Lacombe? Get it? Same last name as the French scientist from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, investigating the weird time travel stuff. Well, I thought it was clever of the writers.

Faraday (as in Michael Faraday, we use part of his last name as the unit of measure for capacitors, the farad) and Hawking (as in Stephen Hawking) are amusing because they are physics people in real life *and* in the show. Nod to the writers again.

And finally some more smoke monster. I was wondering when that would show up again.

So the end of the show sort of fell apart for me. Again with the frozen wheel thing. Need more explanation, show.

The February 18th episode was also cool. Finally everyone got back to the island, *but*, I was disappointed at how it happened. I do want to know what happened to the plane and the rest of the people.

Before they met up with crazy swinging pendulum lady in LA, we were under the assumption that Kate, Hurley, and Sayid were not going to be on the plane. But then they get to the airport and of course Kate is there because she came over to Jack's place. And Hurley is there with his 79 tickets. And Sayid is being escorted around in cuffs. OK, being the clever viewer that I am, I know why Kate is there (well, at least on the surface, she just decided to go). Sayid has been arrested for something (but I guess that doesn't explain why he's on the plane...extradition?) and since we saw the scene with Ben where he got the living crap beat out of him, my guess is Sayid did it.

But that doesn't explain Hurley! Or the guitar case. Or the 78 extra tickets. Come on show, you need to do better than that. Who asked him to go? I need more information!

And then it ends with the people on the plane doing the time warp and ending up in the jungle again. Jack, surprisingly like he started in the pilot episode from so long ago. Hurley's kicking it in the pond at the base of the waterfall (see pictures of the shoot over on Jorge Garcia's blog). And Kate is passed out on some rocks. And we are left wondering where everyone else from the plane is.

And then Jin drives up wearing a Dharma uniform and behind the wheel of a clean brand new Dharma van. The hell? Are we in the 70s now? Like those vans though. Actually, I'm ok with that. I always wanted to see more of the Dharma Initiative stuff.

I love the show, but sometimes it makes me so angry because it won't give me enough information.

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Camille said...

Although I can't figure out why/how Hurley knew to go to the plane, the guitar case represents Charlie (remember how Hawking said you have to recreate it as close as possible to the original crash) and he bought the 78 tickets because he knew the plane would crash and didn't want all of those people to die. Sayid is in handcuffs like Kate was on the original flight (with the marshal and all).

Wes thinks that Ben killed Penny, though I think he's crazy and we don't have any backup for that.

Finally, Aaron is not dead and he is Jacob.