Saturday, January 10, 2009

FUDCon 11 - Day 0 + Day 1

I did not blog yesterday and apologize to pfrields for not meeting his requirement for daily blog posts. I will post two today to make up.

Day 0 was actually pretty productive for me. I mostly participated in the Fedora QA brainstorming session. Later on in the day I hacked on using upstart for /sbin/init in the initrd.img used for installation. Anaconda is still providing its own minimal init binary and after clumens and I talked, we discussed what it would take to move anaconda's initrd.img to use upstart as provided by Fedora. Turns out, not much. The very basic beginnings of the changes are there, but I need to clean up the patches and send them to anaconda-devel-list. This is one more thing that we are gutting from anaconda in favor of standard system components.

At the end of the day, various groups spread out around Kendall Square to acquire food and drinks. My group went to the Cambridge Brewing Company, and it appeared that we were not the only ones.

Day 1 is BarCamp day. Many good topics, but I found most of the day I was in short talks with people and spent some time hacking on different things. Productive day, great to see people, great to be back in Boston--if only for a short time. Massachusetts, I will return one day.

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