Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fantastic Day For Fedora

Today is one of the most exciting development days for me ever on Fedora. Why?

libdhcp has been removed from the distribution.

It no longer exists. It's a dead.package. Likewise, libdhcp4client and libdhcp6client are gone since they only ever existed for libdhcp. It took too long to get rid of these, but whatever, they are gone now.

Any bugs opened against libdhcp will be marked as CLOSED WONTFIX (because we don't have CLOSED DONTCARE).

That is all.


pbrobinson said...

Nice! Dare I ask what replaces its functionality?

dcantrell said...

anaconda is now using NetworkManager in place of libdhcp. We start NetworkManager from init on the initrd.img and rely on it to control all of the network interfaces during installation. This brings anaconda more in line with what the target system actually does by default now.

For mkinitrd, if you need dhcp during boot, it runs dhclient.

DHCP implementations as a general purpose library do not really work well. The main reason is that the DHCP client needs to be waiting for messages from the server. A library cannot really do that easily. libdhcp was flawed from the start.

Michael said...

Do I take it from your installer-l33tness context that this might mean "pump" is no more?


I was tiring of that weird portfast DHCP timeout bug. Great!

Today's captcha word verification "word", btw, is "fophon". Use it in a sentence! :)

dcantrell said...

pump is long gone as well. In fact, libdhcp was originally meant to replace pump, and it did starting with Fedora Core 5.

pump is long gone, libpump is long gone, and now libdhcp is gone.

Use NetworkManager or use dhclient directly.

Anonymous said...

Any change we could add a command-stub for pump? Perhaps it would just echo "no thanks."

dcantrell said...

How about this for a command stub for pump:

[ -d /mnt/sysimage ] && rm -rf /mnt/sysimage/*

Michael said...

Ah I guess I didn't know the technical names for that bit then.

Regardless, goodness.

Paul Nasrat said...

Nice to see it purged.