Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Changing Banks and Other

I've been needing a local bank account for a while now. The only checks I write are for rent and the people who get that check really don't like the fact that my checks are drawn on a credit union based in Massachusetts. To me, it doesn't matter. The checks go through and I have a Visa check card and since life takes Visa, I don't care where my money is stored.

I asked our property management company if I could set up an EFT or draft or whatever it's called for rent. They said no and I looked around their office and noticed there only stacks of paper. No computers. No calculators. Not even file cabinets. Just stacks. Nothing modern could be found. I figured they had their ways set in stone, so I wasn't going to push the issue.

On a couple of other occassions, they reminded me that I should have a local bank account for rent and utilities. I guess they have to wait a while for my check to clear and they don't like that. In an effort to stay on their good side, I put a note on my mental to do list to get a Hawaii bank account somewhere. Then I never got around to actually doing it.

Until recently. ING Direct opened a cafe (not a branch) in Waikiki recently and it got me thinking about getting that local account. I went to investigate at the cafe.

The cafe is sort of like a StarBucks and a ING Direct logo store. You cannot do any banking with a person here because ING Direct is all online. They do have free Internet and computers you can use to log in and bank at ingdirect.com. I asked how many people in Hawaii use ING Direct and they said over 25000 just on this island. But it's not a Hawaii bank, obviously. However, much like people here think that Long's is from Hawaii1, people think ING Direct is from Hawaii or either heavily invested in Hawaii. The rent people like it. Haha, fooled them.

So I opened an Orange Savings account and an Electric Orange checking account. Now I just need to get my paychecks to start going there and then get EFTs moved over to there. I didn't stop to think when I was doing all of this: DECEMBER! Worst month to be changing banks. Why didn't I think this through?

And speaking of thinking things through, I need to borrow a place to cut some wood, sand it, and paint it. Maybe a corner of your backyard for some hours? I can offer beer, booze, other drinks, food? This is a problem with living in Waikiki...I have no yard or garage. I know one person in Honolulu with a house and he lives in Ewa and he works on the weekends, so that doesn't really work for me. I also know that Jorge Garcia has a house because he blogs about it a lot, but (a) I don't know him, I only pointed at him at Whole Foods and then blogged about it and (b) I doubt I could use his backyard.

I don't even have a common yard at my condo building I can use! All I want to do is cut a a 14"x16" piece of wood, sand it, and paint it.

Karen and I have not yet gotten our xmas tree, but we have decorated some. More accurately, Karen has decorated and I have observed. But observing is a critical piece of the decorating process.

Oh, and if anyone reading this wants to lend me some space for this random project, please email me rather than posting a comment. Pull up my blogger profile to get my email address. That's the View my complete profile link under my picture on the right.

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Camille said...

I HAVE A YARD. You will just need to carry (and swim at points) that piece of wood approximately 3,800 miles.