Thursday, December 11, 2008

Become a Hater Of

Dear Facebook,

Facebook is a huge waste of time, but I still look at it. I read the things people post and the things people become fans of and the pictures they tag themselves in. WHY? None of this is at all useful to me. Why is it so captivating?

The 'Become a fan' thing on Facebook is somewhat interesting to me. For example, I can become a fan of Linux (which I am) and then everyone who has friended me on Facebook will know that I am a fan of Linux. Again, complete waste of time because everyone I have friended on Facebok, except for childhood friends who I've found again, probably knows I already like Linux. And even if you don't, you can see where I work and probably deduce that I like Linux more than I dislike it.

You can look at my list of Pages and see which ones I have become fans of. I am a fan of Chick-Fil-A, xkcd, Linux, LEGO, They Might Be Giants... the list goes on.

But in order to build a good representation of the type of person you are, I think Facebook should offer a system that is the opposite of becoming a fan of something. I want to build a list of things I hate. On the main page when I see one of my friends become a fan of, say, mayonnaise, I can turn around and add that to my hate list. David hates mayonnaise.

And making a group on Facebook and setting the title to "People who hate George W. Bush" or something stupid like that and then having everyone become a fan of that group is not the same thing as I want. Give me a little link called Hate and put it right under the Become a fan link.

Facebook, please make this happen as it will help me continue to waste time on a daily basis.


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George Blat said...

Great idea. It will have more traffic than the I like and will be far more useful.