Monday, November 10, 2008

Attaching Things To Bugzilla Entries

This is meant as helpful information for people reporting bugs.

When attaching files to a bug that you file at, take care to watch the type that the attachment is assigned. Bugzilla seems to do a pretty bad job at figuring out file types. The most common problem I see is application/octet-stream when people attach log files.

If you are attaching anything that can be viewed with more, less, most, or your favorite text editor, make sure the type is set to text/plain, please. It's also helpful if you do not tar up or compress log files and then attach them to bugs. Just attach the log files and set the type to text/plain. Makes viewing them easier.

For patches that you want to attach, here are a couple of suggestions. Make sure you are creating unified diffs with diff -u. When you attach the file to the bug, check the box marked Patch so that it's flagged as a patch in Bugzilla. This makes viewing and saving the patch a little easier.

I have seen a number of odd attachments show up in Bugzilla. People turning log files in to OpenOffice documents (and sometimes even presentations), for example. Or taking photos of a log file they are viewing with more, one photo for each screen of text (yes, that was around 20 photos attached to the bug report).

If the person handling the bug requests some information from you in the form of a log file or something similar, but you don't know how to get it, ask. Don't assume you are on your own for collecting the requested information.

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