Thursday, November 20, 2008

Assortment of Updates

I've been busy. That's the usual excuse that people use when they haven't posted to their blogs. Yes, I've been busy, but more importantly I haven't been able to come up with a good topic in a while. So, here's a collection of updates (sort of like a sitcom clip show).
  • Fedora 10 is done. Mirrors are syncing up and users will soon be able to get the 10th release of Fedora Linux from their favorite and/or fastest mirror. A lot has gone in to Fedora 10 and I am pleased to say that it looks really good. I hope users find it nice as well. It's quite nice knowing that we finally reached the end of F-10 development. Of course, F-11 development is right around the corner, but it's nice to give users something new to use.
  • The revenue product is also nearing a point release in the v5 series. It's also looking nice as well. My team (installer) had a lot of work to, as usual, but I think for each point release we are converging on stability. That is, the number of bugs reported continues to decrease with each point release. To me that means we are doing right somewhere.
  • Chris and I are busy working on new Python bindings for libparted. There have been several iterations of Python bindings for libparted in the past, but we are doing a complete rewrite from scratch and implementing everything available in libparted and adding things that we can benefit from in Python (e.g., exceptions). It's a really fun project because it's totally new code for once. Expect a Trac page on for this project once we get to a dot zero release. For now, you can get the code from here.
  • I was nominated for the Fedora Board.
Those are all work updates, what about non-work?
  • I think I posted about this, but what the hell. I saved a ton of money by switching to GEICO.
  • Speaking of GEICO, a gecko got in to our condo the other day. We haven't found him.
  • I got a refill for my prescription today and noticed they gave me a generic medication. This alarmed me as I know my particular medication has a patent protecting Big Giant DrugCo and ensuring their massive profits until at least 2010. If they gave me a generic, that means they didn't give me what I needed. Going back to the pharmacy, I was told by the pharmacist that there is, in fact, a generic for my medication and it became available within the past few weeks. Preferring to talk to my doctor first, I asked for the actual brand. Changing seizure disorder drugs midstream is not trivial. It's probably not a generic, but a reasonable substitute for most people (since my medication is patented). Reasonable substitute means jack when you talk about seizure disorder drugs.
  • I broke a handle on one of our jalousie windows a few days ago and got the part to repair it today. $8.49 at City Mill.
  • Speaking of breaking things, I was trying to rebuild Karen's mom's Windows desktop computer. Upgraded the RAM to make Windows drag along a little faster, but during the course of working on it, the NIC died (rust in the RJ-45 port) and the power supply exploded. Parts are on the way from the mainland.
  • I've decided to let the Dutch manage some of my money. The web interface for ING Direct accounts works with Firefox, which is a plus in my book. DCU, make your site work correctly with Firefox and I'll consider using my accounts more.
Tomorrow evening, Karen and I head to the mainland for a crazy road tour. Starting in Washington, DC and including New York and Pennsylvania. We will probably eat turkey in there somewhere.

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Don't forget to stop at a Chick-fil-A while your on the mainland!