Monday, September 29, 2008

Whole Foods in Honolulu

Karen and I went to the new Whole Foods Market that just opened in Honolulu.  It's in the Kahala Mall, so we also went to the toy store and Jamba Juice.

Malls here are a bit different than what I was used to on the mainland.  For one, they usually aren't isolated large buildings.  They are usually several connected buildings with relatively little parking and many entrances and exits.  Sometimes stores will have outside facing doors and sometimes they will have inside facing doors.  So you can have a store, such as a grocery store, with an outside facing entrance that is technically part of the mall, but appears to exist on its own.

Neither of us were new to Whole Foods.  I'd been several times in Atlanta and then again in Boston.  It's got some good stuff, but only if your paycheck can support it.  Whenever I went there, it was to buy only a few things.  I couldn't afford to do all of my shopping at Whole Foods.  Funny, that still holds true.

They have a decent selection of Hawaii-grown produce, which is cool.  They also carry Seventh Generation products (but those are also at the store Down To Earth in Honolulu as well), which I bought frequently in Boston.  Here it's a bit more expensive, but that's because it's hauled out here to this island.

We purchased a few things and decided to leave.  On the way out, Karen saw Jorge Garcia coming in to the store.  She wanted to covertly point him out without making a scene.  She called him 'Hurley', his character's name on LOST.  I didn't make the connection.  I thought she was pointing a Hurley shirt or something.  Eventually I got it and I saw him walking up and, like an idiot, I pointed at him and said, "oh yeah, that is Jorge Garcia."

He was on his phone and headed in to the store.  We were headed out.  If we had bumped in to him in the store, I probably would have said hi.  Oh well.


Jorge Garcia said...

So we'll meet the next time then.

The Kahala mall is a lot like malls in California. Maybe it's a warm weather thing.

dcantrell said...

Like malls in California? Interesting. I lived in northern California for a while and I don't remember the malls there being like that, so maybe it's more southern California. I wouldn't be surprised. I hear it's warm there too. I've only ever been to LAX for layovers.

One thing that frustrates me about mall layouts here is trying to park. It's like all of the buildings are constructed and then they think, "oh, crap, we need parking...quick, cram in 500 spaces."

If I see you around, I'll say hi the next time. But I won't interrupt phone calls.